:: The Company ::

The company was set up in 1990 and is staffed by Ex-Police Officers, who have a wealth of experience in the investigation of matters criminal and civil.

Since 1990 the client base of AMIS has increased dramatically. As well as carrying out enquiries for private individuals, a large amount of time is now spent carrying out covert enquiries on behalf of major PLCs, as well as smaller companies who suspect that they are being cheated or defrauded in some way - either by employees or outsiders unconnected with the company.

For the last 3 years the company has been involved with the two major freight companies on the railway system carrying out investigations and covert observations in connection with criminal damage and theft. These enquiries are carried out on a nation wide basis. All staff are in possession of P.T.S cards and one member of staff holds the Controller of Site Safety Qualification (COSS).


  :: Services ::
We carry out a varied workload and some of the work that has been carried out by our staff is indicated below:

• anti-social behaviour • internal theft and fraud
• covert surveillance & videoing • missing persons
• covert still photography • status reports
• solicitors enquiries • matrimonial
• insurance claims • peace of mind
• witness interviews • exhibition and functional security
• risk assessments • close protection
• proofs of evidence • static and mobile guards

  :: Case One::
Railway Crime
The company carries out covert surveillance on a daily basis in the Liverpool area in relation to vehicles being carried by two of the countries leading railway freight companies

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  :: Case Two::
Insurance Fraud
This involves a well known international company (not named here for confidentiality).  An employee had gone off on sick leave as the result of an operation

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  :: Case Three::
Stolen Goods
This involves another large, national Plc, a well known household name.  The senior managers were certain that they were losing large quantities of electrical goods... 

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